Dutch only

Thursday, 30 November 2006

After writing in Dutch for over 25 years now, i have not been able to reach more than ± 25 readers (that is one reader per year, you´re right). Therefore i do an attempt on this site to widen my audience by writing in English. As you may have noticed, the result is slightly better than when i had used Babelfish.
Most of what i have written sofar is in Dutch. Because most of it exists only as handwritten manuscripts, i would have to type these out first, before i can let Babelfish translate it. But since i never learned to type (present high score: 23 letters per minute!), i thought i could better take this opportunity to learn better English, meanwhile rewriting my old texts. Still, some parts of this site will be in Dutch. If you can´t read Dutch, sorry for you, but ofcourse, you can always use Babelfish.