Logo's & letters

I cannot remember how many comics i have lettered and how many logos i have made. I have never tried to keep an archive. If i had known there would ever be an Internet and this website to show it, i certainly would have made more photocopies and thrown less copies away. On the other and, it is not all that interesting.
I will try to show examples of my work here, that are either recently made or that are still in my possesion.
Ofcourse: this is my JOB, so if you want me to make a logo or do some andlettering, please ask! The prices are indications, because every job is different.

Recent jobs

Comic headings

When i do the lettering of a comic, i often also do some of the logos or headings or titles; i don’t know how this is called in proper English. Here is one that I did last week. It is the title of a story, done in the style of the original title:

Opening van zaken

For Comic House I did this lettering for an advertisement.
It had to be done literally overnight, and I had to do three versions, but it was the best paid job I got in years: 500 euro!!


Ruud Hulleman, a.k.a. Rudy Talbo, has made an animation video of some of his Uilskuiken cartoons. He asked me to do some lettering for the project ,which I did with pleasure of course.

Jan van Erp has a site under construction called Panta. He sent me a mail recently about Ambigrams. Douglas Hofstadter invented this term for words written in such a way that, when read upside down, they stay the same, or change in another word. The most famous creators of ambigrams are Scott Kim and John Langdon.
I had never tried making an ambigram, but I love puzzles like this, and since I had nothing better to do I tried to make some ambigrams of the names of some of the people i know.
I also searched the Net for examples and information on the subject. I decided that this is dangerous stuff for a mind like mine and after two evenings of puzzling I stopped.
Some of the best results are shown here. If you cannot read them, it is not your fault!

Site logos

Last night I made a few logos for sites that I subscribe to. Not that they asked for it, but it is a way to show my appreciation. I will mail them the logo, and if something happens, I will let you know.
The colours are shitty; I have no sense of colour. i’ll send these sites a black&white version.