The Hall of Records

Friday, 1 December 2006

One morning march 2000 i woke up with a completely different view on everything: myself, Life, death, literally everything. Now this is a story in itself, that i will tell some other time, some other place. But one of the spin-offs of this drastic change of viewpoint was that two of my main interests suddenly appeared to have a connection that i had never seen.
With main interests i mean mysteries and music. All my life i have been interested in mysteries. One of my favourites was the legendary Hall of Records, a body of knowledge, hidden under the sphinx. In the meantime i was a fanatic collector and lover of music. I reached a point wnere i realised that i had to make a choice between trying to get some answers on the basic questions of Life, or trying to make a carreer as an audio archeologist.
In stead of making a choice between these two apparent incompatible interests, i was given a view that made them one thing. I literally found the answers to many of Life´s Questions, that had been haunting me for so long, in the records that were in my very own hall!
Ofcourse, this is not an idea that i could sell to my record-collecting friends, nor to the people with whom i shared my interest in Life´s questions. I did try, but it did not work. This is a second attempt.