The Matrix

Wednesday, 6 December 2006

The movie The Matrix had an enormous impact on me, like it had on many people. So many ideas that were on my mind for ages, and that I could not even find words for, were now made visible, in a way that everybody with a few brain cells can understand. The Matrix is nicely packed hardcore esoterics, as many people have already noticed. There has been written a lot about the esoteric ideas in The Matrix and I am sure that many people are not waiting for more. Sorry for them, but in the near future I will publish all my thoughts on this incredible movie.

Imagination is the key ( 101206)

Every now and then i make a little sightseeing tour around the Net to see what other people have been doing with The Matrix. Of course, most of all I want to find more of the stuff that confirms my own ideas. But, although there is no lack of philosophical studies about The Matrix, I find very little that hits home with me. But I do amuse myself a lot while searching for serious information. Watch for example this video
It has little to do with the Matrix-movie, apart from the fact that it is inspired by the movie. But what I like about it is that it shows (a little bit) how imagination works as a self fulfilling prophecy. This idea, that imagination works as self fulfilling prophecy, is a pretty deep one. I will write about this in more detail later. But in Matrix Pong you see how a certain idea of movement (and filming of movement), which was, if not invented for The Matrix, then at least popularised by the movie, has become part of our thinking. First it was just an idea in the minds of the makers of The Matrix. Then it became an idea in the minds of everybody who has seen The Matrix. And next it will become part of our reality. Already I have seen people trying to make certain movements, that The Matrix gave us as an idea, part of our reality. Of course, it is not real yet: it are imitations. But I loved what Michael Jackson once said about flying; he believed that one day people will be able to fly. He said: “All it takes is one person to do it first.”
I don’t know if people will ever be able to fly, but I do think that there are many things possible that we cannot imagine. And the fact that we cannot imagine these things is crucial: if we could imagine it, we were already on our way to realise it. Every important invention or breakthrough began with one person imagining something that others thought to be impossible. A lot of the ideas in science fiction movies have inspired people to make them real, there is no doubt about that. And who knows where reality ends? I don’t believe anybody’s opinion on this. Only time will tell. But it sure will be way beyond our present imagination.