Tattoed Pictures

Thursday, 30 November 2006

Because i like to recycle things i always look for ways to do something with stuff that ends up in our trashcan. Like magazines and newspapers for example. Ofcourse i cut out every article and picture that i like before i throw a newspaper or a magazine away. I keep these in well organised scrapbooks, but that is an whole different chapter, that i will gladly show you later.
About a year ago i spend some months tattooing pictures. The results were surprisingly good, at least to my eyes. Ruud Hulleman put some of these Tattooed Pictures on a website, but it failed to attract the crowds that i hoped for. But on this site i gladly give them a second chance.
And everything is for sale. Make me an offer i canĀ“t refuse or ask for the price of the Picture you like most.