De Vliegende Hollander (en andere Nederlandse mythes)

Saturday, 2 December 2006

One day not so long ago young man contacted me. He wanted to be a comic-artist and asked me if i could help him writing stories. His name is Esper Postma. I donĀ“t think he needs me, because he has enough talent to do it himself (ask for the diary that he draw during his recent summervacation!), but it is a very nice guy to work with.
The plan is to write six eight-page stories in witch we tackle a Dutch myth. The first story, which is finished, is about The Flying Dutchman. The second story, that is half finished, is about Hans Brinker, the guy who is told to have put his finger in the dyke and saved the country.
On our list are also The Miracle of Amsterdam and Sint Nicolaas. There are no contacts with publishers yet, but i have no doubt that the book will be a hit. If we ever get it finished.

First page