Fool's Gold

Thursday, 30 November 2006

For several years i did a weekly radioshow for Radio 100 with Milan Hulsing. Milan Hulsing
The show was called Fool’s Gold and the formula was just as simple as effective: we choose a theme and picked both ten songs from our collections. (About these collections i will write more on an other occasion. But to give you an idea what Milan is collecting, check this.) The themes could be anything from Deep Space to Sub-atomic Particles and from B-movie-monsters to Singing Animals. I recorded some of the shows and whenever i get the time i will make an MP3-compilation of the high- and the lowlights.
When Radio 100 was banned from the airwaves, we changed the show into a series of articles, that was and is published under the same name in Zone 5300. The Fool’s Gold is by now large enough to publish a book and we are still looking for a publisher. On this site i will put selections from the archive.