Thursday, 8 March 2012


Brian Bostick

2020-12-09 02:54:26

I don’t know how this was on my phone but I read it and it’s interesting. I just realized that I’m 43 and I realize the reality of the great impending doom. My whole life up until 2 months ago approximately I never questioned the existence of God. I still don’t but the thought that there’s not one brought in major consequences. If there’s not then it’s a horrible tragedy that we ever existed. That’s what I was working on and praying about when I looked at my phone and this page was on the screen.


2020-12-09 18:35:17

Hello Brian,
my concept of “God” is “all-there-is”. Everything there is is one, in essence. So, whatever is happening, it is is a game for one. Just as you i find it extremely difficult to keep faith at this moment, but my experience has learned me that, since all is one, life can be trusted. Have a nice day!