De Zingende Zusjes

Sunday, 17 December 2006

In Holland we do not have the real weird reli records like the ones that can be found in the States. Or maybe there is not done enough searching yet? I have not really tried to work my way through this area, but based on what I picked up so far, I think it is worth more effort. There should at least be a few more CD´s with highlights of the Dutch reli records going around than the one that I compiled several years ago.
One of the highlights are De Zingende Zusjes (The Singing Sisters). Actually there have been several Singing Sisters making religious records, but there are only two real Zingende Zusjes and they recorded a lot of records. It takes a few updates of your mindset to be able to appreciate their repertoire and their style of singing, but over the years I have learned to like them. Still, I would prefer to have someone else to collect all their records and to make a definitive “best of” compilation.
My best find so far is an E.P. released on Glorieklanken in 1960. The front sleeve of this E.P. is also a record and contains an extra song; I never saw any other record where this gimmick is used.