Saturday, 16 December 2006

All through the vinyl years there have been many companies producing so called Singing Postcards. The music on most of the paper records is usually not worth listening to, although there are a few exceptions of course. But the beauty of these postcards records is often enough to go to lengths to collect them.
Singing Postcards were produced for many purposes, but I my collection most are meant as ads or as souvenirs. This Singing Postcard was bought in Jugoslavia by the head the VPRO-radio, where I had a weekly program for many years. The man gave this beauty to me in exchange for a CD with some rare exotic Soul 45´s.
The soccer team on the picture is Dinamo (??tim nogometnog kluba?? ?!) and the music is played by an ensemble named Dalmacija. They play the song “Plavi, plavi!”, written by Mario Nardelli (music) and Stjepan Jaksevac (lyrics). I should now better than risking my recordneedle on trying to find out what is on such records, but I did it again, and I can tell you that you can easily live without “Plavi, plavi!”
I know from experience that it doesn´t work when I write that a record is not worth listening to. It is even worse: especially those tracks seem to raise the most interest. Therefore I will try to put some of the interesting music in this chapter up as MP3´s. This is all material that is unavailable on CD, and i expect it never will.