Saturday, 23 December 2006

My dad used to have an LP by a singer called Bolle Jan (Fat John). On the sleeve was a picture of a voluptuous lady in night gown, which I liked quite a bit. But I found the songs very stupid. It was clear that it was all about sex, but the lyrics were never explicit. These songs were meant to be funny.
Much later I found out that around that same period (early 70’s) there had been records made that were much more explicit. But equal not funny. I have been collecting these records, mainly LP’s, which happen to be all from the same label: OJEE. And oh boy, what a crap is this! I made a tape of the “best” songs from this label, which I use to get rid of guests who stayed to long. My scanner cannot handle the size of LP’s, but lucky for you, on the back of the LP’s are black&white thumpnails of other LP’s in the series than the one in the sleeve.