The Bombay Connection

Friday, 29 December 2006

Today I bought the two CD’s released by The Bombay Connection. Behind these CD’s are Edo Bouman and Milan Hulsing. I know Milan for quite a while and I have several tapes with music from his beautiful record collection. He has been working with Edo on releasing these CD’s for years. And it finall paid off: these CD’s will make some peope very happy.
Unlike some of the other Bollywood compilations on the market, the Indian artists get paid for this. Edo went to India several times and dug up some of the master tapes of the recordings they wanted to release on CD.

These are by far the best Bollywood compilations made so far. Some names are familiar to me ( Kayani–Anandji, Bappi Lahiri, Rahul Dev Burman ), many other names are not. But oh boy, what a funky stuff this is!
The series is also available on vinyl, as two record sets per volume. There are more volumes to come and you’d better not miss this!
The sound of music on the CD’s is very good. As you may know, the sound quality of the original Indian vinyl is often a problem, even for people with my standards.
Another reason to buy the compilations are the booklets: great pictures, that give the impression that the movies are just as good as the songs on these compilations. But belief me: they are not.