D. Lissenberg

Sunday, 5 July 2009

One of the stories that is running on my brain, and constantly gets re-written, is about the “End-of-Time”. There are many myths about the so-called “end days”, and many believe that we are in it NOW.
On of those myths is about ”the writings on the wall”. This is from the bible. In my story I want to make advertisement posters these “writings-on-the-wall”. It doesn’t take much fantasy to interpret the advertisement slogans as messages from God!
I have a little book written by D. Lissenburg and published probably about 40 years ago by the Dutch Army of Salivation:

D. Lissenburg does what I want to do in my story, although I find what I have in my head much better. But he actually wrote it down and published it, while I am only talking about it.
To give you an idea, are here two of his stories:

Each story begins with a popular advertisement of those days, and then D. Lissenberg gives the slogan a religious twist, just in my story.
In my story also all the popular love songs are given this religious twist. Here is one of the songs that I will sure use in my story. To get the story, mind the lyrics and think of them as a prayer:




2009-07-05 07:01:13

“Er is zat repertoire voor jongerenkoren” zei een diep-religieus mede-student eens tegen me. “Het enige wat je moet doen is bij 60% van de popsongs de y van you met een hoofdletter schrijven”