Friday, 3 July 2009

I am very interested in the give-away’s , premiums or advertisement-gifts that were made in Holland in the fifties and sixties. When I was young, my parents had a small grocery store and I remember that I had ton loads of this stuff. I have nothing left of all tyat and I have no plans to collect it. But I wish there was book about all these free toys and gadgets.
Recently I found three little booklets that I am sure that I had when I was six or so:

On the back of the booklets there is mentioned that there were 10 different titles:

There is NO information in the booklets. No name of a publisher, no name of an artist, nothing! But in some of the drawings you can read the name GaraValdi.
Here is the complete story of “De Toverbal”:



2009-07-03 03:31:46

Hi frits,

It’s possibly just me, but the pictures for your last two entries don’t appear in my browser.


2009-07-03 03:54:30

Sorry, acute attack of dyslexy. When i misspell one letter in the codes, the images don’t show up. But i liked the idea of fist taking the sound away from the blog, then the images, and finally the word.