Monday, 6 July 2009

Among the strange records in my collection this 45 is one of my favourites:

I have no idea if this 45 originally had a sleeve, but I am sure that my copy has none. No that it matters much to me. This is the kind of record that makes the whole ridiculous undertaking of record collecting worth doing.
The names of the band (?) or the song (?!) or the singer (?!!) are not mentioned on the label. All I can read is “alcohol(blegvad) R.R.A. 5.75 RR 1980 sideA”
The B/side has a groove, but cannot be played, because the groove is a drawing. I hope you can see what I mean on the scan, but I am afraid you cannot:

The record is not really in mint condition, but I hope you mind this just as little as I do. Here it is!



Hans D.

2009-07-06 03:51:34

I hope you don’t mind if the mystery is solved, but this single is by Peter Blegvad.


2009-07-06 08:29:29

Ignorance can be bliss sometimes. In stead of a mysterious 45 by an unknown genius, i now have a well known 45 by a famous artist, of which the sleeve is missing.


2009-07-06 09:30:18

Sorry Frits. But I am sure that you have countless mysterious 45’s left!


2009-07-07 01:47:32

This was a somewhat disorienting listen.