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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

I happen to have a little pile of Indian comics about religious myths:

These comics were published by H.G.. Mirchandani for Indian Book House Education* in the late seventies, and probably reprinted a few million times, but I have never found another comic apart from the pile that I bough some time ago on a flea market. There are over two hundred titles in the series:

The artwork on the covers is much better than the artwork inside, but for reli pulp it is pretty well done. Especially when there are women in the story, the artists ( in my pile Ram Waeerker and Pratap Mulick ) :

I think it would be worth publishing this stuff in Europe. With a better colouring it should appeal to some audience. And if not, maybe Taschen Verlag can publish a book with the 219 covers?



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2009-07-03 10:25:48

Great, Frits, thanks for sharing! :-)
Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta find me a pile of those!



2009-07-15 14:36:16

Een kennis van me heeft enkele van deze boekjes meegenomen uit India. Dat zal in de jaren ’90 geweest zijn. Dus Rob kan ze waarschijnlijk nog wel in India vinden.

Subin Jameel

2013-10-15 12:55:38

Hey, this is a little initiative of mine.
Do check it out!
This is the new Retro Comics India page.
This is a cumulative effort in collating & compiling Vintage & out of print comics from India.
Front Covers and information on comics such as Tinkle, Phantom, Mandrake, Indrajal, Diamond Comics, Vintage Indian Advertisements, Vintage Indian memorabilia are put up on a regular basis.