Magic show

Monday, 29 June 2009

Milan Hulsing made a short animation movie called Magic show. I don’t know much about animation, but I do know that it is a hell of a lot work. Even more than a comic. For a mind like mine it is very difficult to imagine why anybody would make an animation movie, but I am very happy that some people do, because I enjoy watching them.
The scenario for Magic show is written by Ruud den Drijver. I couldn’t tell you the story even if I tried hard: it is a sort of dream, that falls apart when you try to think of it. I watched the movie at a festival, where it was shown in a program with seven other short movies. That was way too much for a person whose visual senses easily get overloaded. But the work of Milan was impressive, as always. And the movie has a great soundtrack too, as can be expected from a guy with a record collection that defies describtion.
Milan sent me some stills from Magic show to show you on this blog:

I don’t know where you can see Magic show; cinema’s don’t know what to do with short movies. At best they are shown before the main movie. Usually they are shown at festivals, and sometimes on television. But movies like Magic show are made to be seen projected on a large screen. With a bag of too salty peanuts and a can of cheap beer. And with Milan, of course!



2009-07-03 11:37:09

Shorts like this sometimes wind up on a Festival’s DVD after the event, or (later on) on an animator’s own oeuvre-overzicht DVD... Kun je hem vragen of er plannen in die richtingen zijn? Ik zou deze short graag zien…



2009-07-03 15:50:25

Magic Show is still accompanying the film “Let the Right One In” here and there in a couple of Dutch cinema’s. Also, it has already been compiled on a DVD:


2009-07-03 16:35:09

Dankje, Milan, I will order me the DVD soon.