Junior Boekenreeks

Monday, 1 June 2009

Today I bought some books from the Junior Boekenreeks:

I don’t collect the Junior Boekenreeks, I just buy the books that have a nice cover and happen to cross my path. I am not very interested in the cowboy&indian books or the detectives. The books about space and mysteries are my main interest. There are quitte a few titles in the Junior Boekenreeks that suit my taste. Today I tried to find out a little bit more about these books. That was easy, because others (like De Boekenplank ) had already published of complete list of all 156 titles, and most of the covers. I downloaded the covers that I liked best:

Among the 156 titles are several classics, like books written by Jules Verne, but most of the titles don’t ring a literary bell in my ear.
The books are small: half the size of a postcard. The covers are in most cases pretty well done, and probably not by the same artists who did the black and white illustrations in the book. In most books are only three or four illustrations, by Dutch artists. Here are the drawings that Karel Thole made for “Noodlanding op Venus”, written by M.E.Patchett:

The books were published in the early fifties by De Verkenner in collaboration with Het Hoofdkwartier der Nederlands Padvinders.

I don’t think these books are very rare, but I don’t find them on a daily basis either. I often wonder why in Holland we do so little with our culture. Why isn’t there are book about this series? And books about so many other series that I have an interest in? There must be a great story behind the Junior Boekenreeks!



2009-06-01 02:49:22

prachtig, zeg! En ik ben het met je eens: waarom maakt niemand hier een boek over?


2009-06-01 03:33:39

Beautiful stuff. Are they really that small? A6? There are ea few with very cool perspectives.

I see some are signed by the artist. No Dutch names? Possibly Thle did some of the frontillustrations too? We once did a smal item on Karel Thole in Zone 3500, remember? Somebody MUST do a book/exibition on him. I think he’s an incredible artist.