Monday, 15 June 2009

I get about six emails per day through my two mail accounts and every week about four envelops of various sizes in my two mailboxes. I do not count the spam. That is not an awful lot, but it is more than I can handle. I try to answer all the mail that i get, but most of the mail that I receive comes from people with whom I have a long history of trading music, so that often takes some time.
Last week I found an envelop in my P.O. Box from René Westerveen. He is mentioned in this blog here and there, but that is not doing justice to the stuff he sends me. This time I got a CDr compilation with some of his recent discoveries:

As you can see, many of the songs on this CD are additions to this blog. I am especially happy with the Holland Homo Hecords, because that compilation is now almost finished. But there are many great records on this Cdr: Surisoul, spacesongs, Beatles-covers and obscure floorfillers, and how about this Dutch gem from De Steile Wand:

I cannot give you any information about this track, but I am sure that at least one reader of this blog will be very pleased to hear it.



2009-06-15 13:15:20

6… mails… per… dag?!


2009-06-16 04:37:15

Hoeveel mails krijg jij dan? Mijn lief krijgt er dertig, maar dat is bijna allemaal werk. Als huisschilder krijg je niet veel mail.


2009-06-16 04:43:18

Ik heb er zo’n 100 tot 150 per dag, maar daar zitten wel nieuwsbrieven en mailinglists bij.


2009-06-16 05:28:05

Hier wordt heel hard gelachen, Marco.