Berlin Beatet Bestes

Friday, 19 June 2009

Rob Kopp, who is working on a book with a complete list of ALL records ever released in Holland the sixties, sent me link to a German blog about advertisement records, Berlin Beatet Bestes.
I don’t really collect German advertisement records, but still I have quite a few nice ones. In Gemany the advertisement records were more poppy than in Holland, which is not necessary a good thing, by the way. Here is a typical German advertisement record, ”Swinging Nord West” by Orchester Wolf Gabbe und die Rosy Singers:

This record was printed at Sonopresse. At least, that is what I guess, based on the number SH 0747-1, which is printed in the one-sided 6 inch flexi record. There is also the name of a Dutch shoe store printed on the record. This was something that was done often with advertisement records: the stores could order a pile of records with their own name on the sleeve or record label.


Pieter Jan Vink

2019-09-26 19:29:53

Pas op: SH is de labelidentificatie van het Duitse Scherpe uit Krefeld. Dit zijn Orchester Wolf Gabbe und die Rosy Singers met Swinging NORD-WEST. Dit plaatje werd eind jaren zestig gemaakt voor diverse schoenenwinkels (ook Nederlandse). Dit is geen Sonopresse Holland plaatje.