Ping pong

Sunday, 14 June 2009

About two weeks ago Red Bol asked me if would like to play a game of audio pingpong with him. The rules are simple: one sends the other another an mp3, the other sends an mp3 back that is an answer to the first mp3, and so on until the one hour limit is reached. Per game both players can refuse one mp3. You can take as long as you want to come up with a reaction: a game can be played within a day, or it can last weeks.
When I read the invitation I got very enthusiast: this is an extremely good way to do something with your music collection. Making CD-compilations, radio shows, podcasts and writing a blog are also worth doing, but this pingponging seemed far more interesting to me.
So, I gladly accepted the invitation and now Red Bol and I are in an exciting game about semi-instrumental-German-orientated-primitive-electronically-music-with-gimmicks.
When I asked Redbol where he learned this game and if he could give me some more info on its origins, he said that is was his own idea. He and his friend Ubu were the first ever to play on line ping pong game in 2006.
Red Bol has been playing the game with some friends since, and to his own surprise he had never heard of anybody else having this idea. That is strange because it seems so simple and obvious. But ain’t that the case with many great ideas?

I use my gmail-adress, because my ordinary emailbox cannot handle file over 3MB. And so far it works perfectly. So, anybody in for a game of pingpong? I guess that there are several readers of this blog that would love this game! Maybe we can start a pingpong competition? I have no idea how that should be organised, but there must be a way to organise that.
That is all for today. I just got another mp3 from Red Bol and the rest of this evening I will spend searching for an adequate return.


red bol

2009-06-14 15:33:27

since there is no soundtrack to finish this article what would be more appropriate than the ability to grab PP 01, here is a YouSendIt link to it:
grab before 21 june!


2009-06-15 01:57:26

Yes, I’m very much into this kind of ping pong!