Het Kantoor

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Long time ago (at least fifteen years) Anton Hermus sent me this flexi record:

It came to me in a handmade sleeve. I am not sure if Anton Hermus found the flexi record in this sleeve or that he made it himself:

The label of the two sided flexi record has been made unreadable with stickers and thick layers of TippEx. This is what I could make of it after half an hour struggling with chemicals and razor blades:

It was a record made by Monteau, a book publishing company. But for what purposes?
Here is the A side of the record:



Schnauzer Studios

2009-06-04 03:45:52

I know exactly what this is for! This is for people with a home office. They play this record when they pick up the phone to give the impression they have a huge busy company!


2009-06-05 13:54:23

It’s a great coincidence, but today I saw this single in a local charity shop. It belongs in a box which holds 4 flexi’s (parts A-D) in total. It was not complete, because apparently a book and a collection of photos also belong to the box.

On this page I found more info (in Dutch) about Enno Develing and this literary project: