Sunday, 21 June 2009

Anthony Peake’s book ”Is there life after dead” is definitely one of the best books I have read in a long time. After I discovered the idea of ”Eternal recurrence” in the mid-eighties, through the books written by Ouspensky, I always hoped to find more books about the subject. I even dreamed of writing one myself, when I found out that there were no books about the idea of eternal recurrence. But after reading ”Is there life after dead”, I am very happy I never tried to write such a book; I would never have come close to what Anthony Peake did.
Still, it is not the book that I have in mind. Some of my basic questions and insights are missing in the book. For example: the idea that our life recurs (or repeats) is not how I see it. That is to me basically just a way to explain it. But I do not think that we will have another life after this one: this life is all there is. But in between the ”moments” of this life, we ”see” all the possible outcomes of each moment. We are not (fully) aware of all these imaginary life’s, they are only “insperiences”, but they do lead up to the next moment that we experience. Every moment is created out of the consensus of our insperiences. Reality is what is agreed upon by all the participants of the previous moment. In every gap between two moments we are out of time, out of reality, out of mind. There are no coincidences and there will never happen anything that you have not agreed upon on a deep level. This is how see it.
This deeper level is accessible. When we stop identifying with the superficial layer of the mind (the screen on which we receive our thoughts), our awareness automatically moves towards the source of our thoughts. Which happens to be also the source of everything there is. When we come closer to this level of reality, Life will appear as a Oneness. Both our thoughts and the world around us are created from a Oneness. On the level that our body operates this Oneness is obscured, but it actually is still one. This Oneness underlying everything there is, is one of the very few things that I have no any doubt about.
When people get access to this deeper level, they usually loose consciousness along the way. For the mind it is difficult to realise that it doesn’t really exist, that it is created by the very same source that creates the whole world, from moment to moment. Basically a mind is a screen on which thoughts are projected that come from the Source. But the mind can also project memories, that are mechanically triggered by circumstances. In most cases these mechanical “thoughts” are completely filling the screen, obscuring the real thoughts that are send by Ground Control. Once you know the difference between a mechanical memory and a creative thought, the mechanical mind starts to loose its power. Basically all these mechanical memories are useless, often plain lies, rooted in fears that have no reason.
I don’t think that Eternal Recurrence is something that happens per day, as in the movie “Groundhog day”, and neither something that happens per life, as Anthony Peake argues in his book. It happens per moment: in between two successive moments we go through what Phil Connors goes through in ”Groundhog day”. Usually we are only aware of the reality and thoughts we get in the moments, and not of what happens in between them. Phil Connors does become aware of this in the movie. And under specific circumstance we all do. But the insight came to me from glimpses and from long reasoning about these glimpses.Of course, I might be entirely wrong. But I am pretty sure that our awareness is discontinue: we only are aware of the thoughts that reach our mindscreen, and not of what happens in between, in the gaps between two thoughts, where we don’t exist as individuals, but as part of the Oneness that underlies everything.
Here is today’s soundtrack, a song by Sunil, called ”I glimpsed the presence of the One in all”:




2009-06-21 02:28:24

Well, that somes closer to what I believe than some of your previous articles, but I don’t believe in the “Oneness” as I understand it from your description.
I do agree with what you write about our awareness, but (as science seems to confirm) our brain registers more than we are aware and it’s my believe that sometimes another section of ourselves acts upon these inputs, when our consciousness is too limited or too slow. That’s what some people call intuition, some call it guardian angel, some call it daemon, some call it messages from the spiritworld, some even call it God, but it’s inside and part of ourselves. That’s what I strongly believe, though …


2009-06-21 03:06:46

This question is for a large part a linugistic confusion. But, having this said, i have no doubt that there is Oneness at the root of everything. We live at the other end of the ray-of-creation, where this Oneness appears as seperate objects, including you and me. But the underlying Oneness is still there. That is what i think. But it are all nothing but words and ideas; the real proof is in the pudding.


2009-06-21 05:15:52

we should discuss this in Dutch one day, because I don’t have a clue what you mean ;-) Ray of creation? Oneness appearing as seperate objects… I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together?

Rudy Talbo

2009-07-13 03:49:14

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