Dan Winter

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

A few episodes ago, Dan Winter was interviewed in Red Ice Creations Radio, a podcast that I like to listen to. The people who are being interviewed are usually operating at the fringes of science, or way beyond those fringes. Often I listen to it as pulp science fiction, but sometimes people come along who seem to have interesting idea’s. Dan Winter for example.
In the interview Dan Winter speaks so fast and uses so many words that I don’t know, that I had to listen to the interview three times to get an idea of what his ideas are all about. Because it is a territory that interests me I did so much effort, but I can imagine that not everybody has time and lust to do that.
On YouTube I found a long talk that Dan Winter uploaded in 12 episodes. Here he limits himself to one of his core ideas: the relation between emotions and DNA. Here is part 1 of that series of videos, and if you like it, check out the rest!



Rob Lesman

2009-06-02 11:08:23

Hey Frits, long time no ‘speak’! Was een paar days ago na jaren weer eens op je site geweest. Al te meer een grappige synchronicity dan da’k gister voor het eerst naar Winter’s ideas had geluisterd —en nu postte je dit! :) Vooral Winter’s view on Fractals in ‘Bliss Science’ intrigeert me.

Speaking of Rood Ijs, een tijd geleden interviewden ze Jim Elvidge, en ook Sonia Barrett; ook erg interessant. Maar goed, die heb je waarsch. al gehoord dan…

Anyway, hope all is well! Gister tijdens een voorjaars-schoonmaak overigens nog een stapel Blancoos stuff (kaarten, boekjes, brieven, etc) v/d 80’s en 90’s gevonden… Still te gek!