Het geluid van Amsterdam

Monday, 22 June 2009

A friend of my brother works for ”Z”, the magazine that homeless people sell in Amsterdam. He asked if I would like to write a column for ”Z”. Of course I want that, so I made this:

I was a bit unsure of this would fit in the magazine, so I made a 100dpi scan and asked what they thought of it. I never got a response and thought that they didn’t like it. I only discovered that it was approved after I bought the magazine a week later, in which they had used the mail version. It was printed postcardsize, and even I could barely decipher it.
So now I have a column in ”Z”. After four issues they decide if it will continue. And what I get paid for it. There is not much money, they already told me that.
I have enough material for life long column about “The sound of Amsterdam”, and I do hope that I get this ”job”. I just made the second page, but you will have to buy the ”Z” if you want to read that. It is about ”Singing Postcards.
Here is an advertisement record made by Philips the Concertgebouw, for a concert of conducted by Bernard Haitink:

Please notice the tulips in front of the Concertgebouw.

On the B-side is a recording of a Dvorak concert, but I want to share with you the rather hilarious A-side:

Please notice the accent of the man in the Broodjeswinkel, the streetmusician with a piano on a bicycle, the kids wearing wooden shoes and the festivities in de Jordaan.



2009-06-22 16:29:43

Al weer een goede reden om Z aan te schaffen! Spaar ze allemaal…


2009-06-23 00:17:55

I buy the Z occasionally, so I was pleasantly surprised to find your stuff inside!


2009-06-24 13:02:50

Van mij mag je column ook in de Utrechtse variant ‘Straatnieuws’ komen…