Ernest Utermark

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Every few months I get a package from Ernest Utermark in my post office box. He is a collage artist and a collector of more or less the same stuff as I collect. In these packages are all kind of things that usually make me very happy. Like these mini slides that you got if you(r mother) bought for 12.50 guilders at Vivo, a Dutch chain of supermarkets.

Of course you need a special viewer to watch these mini slides, but I this viewer was not in the package. To see what can be made visible, I made a 600dpi scan of one of these things:

There is little to see of what we are missing, so I tried a 1200pi scan:

Sorry, that’s all I can show you!

And usually there are some advertisement records and other fringy records in the packages:

Here leestJacquesLSchmitz.mp3 is one side of the flexi with poems (?!) by Jacques L. Schmidtz, read by Jana Beranova:

There is no other information on the record or the sleeve than that this flexi was made by Sonopresse Rotterdam.


Pieter Jan Vink

2023-07-14 10:38:39

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