Midland Bank

Saturday, 28 May 2011

After the Muzikale Verleiding was finished i could barely listen to any Dutch advetisement records any more for months. But a few days ago i did the podcast with Ir. VenderMeulen about advertisement records and to my surprise i enjoyed the records again. So, last night i picked up my ongoing attempts to organise my collection. I stumbled upon three CDr’s that i once got from a Britsh collector whose name i cannot remember. That is very embarrassing because the CDr’s are very very good.
One of the the records that he recorded for me is one made by the Midland Bank. They made it seem that they had ten popular bands from that period (80’s) sing a song about the Midland Bank. If they had used better imitations of Bob Marley and Queen they might have fooled me. Especially Madness and Kraftwerk sound pretty convincing to my ears. To my surprise i could no information at all about this record on the Internet! So here are all ten tracks:

Billy Jo Spears:





The Tom Tom Club:

Bob Marley:


The Cockney Rejects: