Billy Meier

Thursday, 15 July 2010

There is a man in Zwitserland, called Billy Meier, who is saying that he has been in contact with aliens since half a century. They take him on trips through space and time, and let him take hundreds of pictures of them, of their crafts and of what he sees on the timespacetrips. If you are not familiar with the Billy Meier story, please check it out. It is all over the internet, so that can not be difficult.
Until a few years ago i gave him the bebefit of my doubt. I have personally never seen any proof of alien life, but the sheer fact that there is life at all seems in itself so absurd to me that alien contacts seem not impossible.
But what bothered me is that the UFO’s on Billy’s pictures look very much like hubcaps to me. That doesn’t mean that they are fraud: maybe alien timespace ships look indeed like hubcaps. But recently i saw a video on YouTube in which a friend of Billy shows some lousy prints of Billy’s photo album.

On the pictures incredible things are to be seen: aliens, timespace crafts, other planets from close up, prehistoric earth, dinosaurs, etcetera. Here are some of the best pictures form that video:

I am beginning to get more and more pissed off by people making outrageous claims and showing no proof, or lousy picutures like these.
I made some drawings of what i can see on these pictures, and that makes it clear that the dinosaurs are not real. They are anatomic incorrect! Especially the third dino is a joke.

Not to be continued!