Drum Buddy

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

It sounds too good to be true, and i would not be surprised at all if it is a joke. I would even be proud if I happen to be so stupid to fall for it. The reason is that I wish it is true! I want the Drum Buddy to be real!
In stead of me explaining what the Drum Buddy ís, you better listen to the inventor himself :

I bought the demonstration CD in 2001, but it says it was originally a record. That is probably not true either, because I have never seen the LP. On the CD are demonstrations of the sounds created on a wild and weird analogue synthesizer. Or at least, that what it sounds like to my ears. But I am not a specialist in this field, so you better judge it for yourself.
In the text on the cover of the CD it reads that “The Drum Buddy is a five-oscillator, light-activated, mechanically-rotating drum machine that took five years to develop and design. The multitude of sounds it produces are a result of a direct link between the human hand and sheer electronic voltage!”
There is a website, and the Drum Buddy is actually for sale here, but like I said, it all sounds to good to be true.

Here is my favourite track on the CD, called Pop-a-Wheelie