Master Robin

Friday, 16 February 2007

Yesterday I made a CD of a recent tape that Ed Veenstra sent me.
I already mentioned Ed and his record collection in an earlier episode of this Soundtrack , but on this cassette is one track that I want to share with you. I had never heard it before and I suppose the chance is big that you have never heard it either. It is from a 78rpm record, released in 1928 on His Master’s Voice . The singer is Master Christopher Robin , the son of the author H.H. Milne .

Master Christopher Robin was 8 years old when he recorded the 4 songs/poems for this occasion:

Down by the pond, The Engineer, The friend and Us two.

There is a video on YouTube with another song by Master Christopher Robin.

On the same cassette is also a track by the artist Ian Anull, named United aliens . Ed Veenstra writes: ”This is the shortest 12inch in my collection. Ian Anull is from Switzerland and in this project you hear the sound of bottles of Pepsi and Coke, that are being opened by wild eyed Islamitic beardmen on the cover.”