Typical Dutch

Thursday, 22 February 2007

Once I asked an American friend how the Dutch language sounded to his ears. He did something that to me sounded like a mixture of a Middle Eastern prayer and a painful orgasm: GGGGGHHHHNNNNGGGHHNNNGGGNNNNKKGNKKKLLNNN.
I like to listen to songs in exotic languages. People, who live in countries that are exotic from my point of view, often don’t realise what a goldmines their flea markets and second hand record stores are. But the opposite is also true, so every now and then I make a CD compilation of typical Dutch records, that are totally not collectable in any way and that can be bought per kilo in any second hand record store. I started doing this to let my foreign friends hear what is typical Dutch music, but it opened up my own ears for the sounds that were so familiar to me that I hardly heard them anymore. Suddenly these “stupid” records sounded just as exotic to my ears as Taiwanese or Czechoslovakian records!
So, for the non-Dutch readers of this blog, here is such a typical Dutch, eh, very exotic 45 from the 60’s, that no Dutch record collector will find worth buying.