Milan Hulsing

Sunday, 25 February 2007

My friend Milan Hulsing has a beautiful record collection. A few days ago I played some of the old cassettes, that he recorded for me me long time ago, and that reminded me of something else.
In one of the radio shows that I did with Milan for Radio 100, we played records on the theme Martial arts. Milan surprised me with a track called Game of death. “Where did you get that?!” I asked, and Milan began a long story about an CD, that he had been working on for more than two years. But he had abandoned the project after his computer had crashed and he had lost half of his work. He had some back ups of the earliest demos, and of course he could remake the songs, but he never did. Milan is a comic and animation artist and I guess this CD was just a side project.

(If you don’t know his work, check out his book Wat Fred niet wist. It is one of the best and original comic books on my bookshelves!)
I asked him several times for a CDr with those demos, but I never got it. But I really liked that Game of death tune and I could not forget it. So, after playing the tapes, I asked him again for a copy of that track and to my surprise I found a CDr in my mail today. Not with all the demo’s, as I hoped for, but only with Game of death.



2008-11-06 15:21:01

Hee Frits

Alles OK??? Ik wilde je vragen of je mij het emailnr van Milan kunt sturen. Ik ben mijn oude adressenboek kwijt geraakt op de computer en kan hem niet bereiken. Groetjes aan vrouw en kindertjes!


martin kaaij

2009-11-05 14:36:03

Beste Frits,

Voor een bibliografie van Nabokov zoek ik contact met Milan Hulsing.
Heb je zijn email of telefoonnummer voor me?

Groeten, martin