Six dummers

Tuesday, 27 February 2007

In the 90’s I wrote a monthly column for De Slagwerkkrant about percussion records. The magazine was about drums, and for drummers only. With lots of pictures of these gigantic drum kits, that many hardrock and jazz drummers use to hide themselves behind. I wrote about drummers that tried to make it solo, about people like Harry Partch and Hans Reichel, and about 60’s space age drum LP’s. In the three years that I wrote that column I didn’t get one single reaction from the readers, which I take as a compliment.
Tineke van Brederode, who gave me this column, because she and her husband make the magazine, sends me links every now and then to percussion stuff on the Internet, that she thinks I might enjoy. And i do! Like this wonderful video on YouTube.

(By the way, I write a daily blog about YouTube that definitely could use a few extra readers…)