Doctor Disco

Saturday, 18 June 2011

A few years ago i started compiling some of my favourite dance records on cd’s I used my nickname Doctor Disco, that i used when i played these records as a deejay. I still make cd’s of my disco records every now and then. But disco records never had a real revival after the days when they were released. In those days, the mid-seventies, disco was hot, but after that it cooled off pretty quick. I find this very strange: there are some great songs made in the disco era and you can dance very good to this music. But where all other kinds of soul music are increasing in popularity, disco stays almost taboo among deejays and collectors.
Of course, i will not complain about this situation. I get my favourite records for almost nothing and without much effort. Today i played all the records of one my disco/soul/funk shelves and had a great time. Here are three 45’s that i would like to share with you:

Sister Power

Nanette Workman

Sisters Love