The Chevalier Brothers

Monday, 27 June 2011

A part of the Stargazers, a band that i loved in the eighties, went on as the Chevalier Brothers. As far as i know they made one LP in 1985 and never played in Holland. One the LP are nine covers of songs that were probably way beyond the jazz-limit of the mostly rock’n’roll audience that the Stargazers managed to reach. Even the Stargazers were probably too sophisticated for many rockers in those days. ( Ir VenderMeulen told me that he deejayed back then on a r’n’r-party and lay on a Restless record. In case you don’t know Restless: they were one the best rockabilly bands in the eighties, operating somewhat between the territories covered by Gene Vincent and a nuclear missile. While the Restless record was playing Ir. Vendermeulen was tapped on his shoulder by an old school rocker in drapes, who told him that he would beat him up if he ever played a punk record like that again.)
Records were often hard to find in th eighties. For many years i only had a tape of the Chevalier Brothers LP. Recently i discovered that there are some video’s on YouTube of the band. So here they are, after a quarter of a century waiting (for me, maybe not for you), the Chevalier Brothers!


Anders Janes

2011-06-27 21:12:00

We made 3 LPs, all now on iTunes, plus I have lots more video of the band I will put on youtube in the future. Glad to know you liked the band, also the Stargazers. I recently created a fan page on facebook for the Stargazers, with many cool videos there too. By the way, I’m the bass player in both bands..maybe I should say WAS the bass player in both bands…


2011-06-30 00:05:12

I can recall a Stargazers gig in Utrecht – way back when and probably without you Anders – because most of the crowd were annoyed by the fact that the bassplayer didn’t or couldn’t slap his bass. I can’t remember anything else in particular from that gig.
I can recall how I first heard heard the Stargazers LP. Frank bought their LP in France while on holiday and I got a tape (those were the days)… Every song was a gem and It really hit the roof and I still like the Stargazers after all this time. The way the songs were recorded, it also sounded fresh and made rocks wanted to dance (an it still does). Beside that the design of the LP was also really enjoyable.
Let alone the fact they also made a couple of EP’s, which I found in an obscure musicstore in Haarlem. ..

I also do remember The Chevalier Brothers, ‘One more drink bartender’ and the ballad ‘no better lover than you (if that’s the title)’ spring to mind immideately.

Great bands – not availabe on spotify yet….!


2011-06-30 09:12:05

@Anders: good to hear that there are 3 lp’s in stead of one! I put them on my wantlist.
One of my memories is that my love back then was quite charmed by you and i didn’t really like that!