Sunday, 24 November 2013

Years ago i got in contact with a man who operates under the name Fortyone . He sent me a lot of his CD’s. On the CD’s are cut ups, mixes en mash ups or whatever it is called. I once heard the term “record deconstructions”“, and to me that quite suits the music that 41 produces. I loved it right away: this was something i can only dream of doing and he has it all: the great records, the ideas, the talent and the discipline to blend it all together.
Last week i got a mail with a link to his new release. I have been listening to this stuff all day and i find it once again incredibly fascinating and good music.
I totally blew my contact with 41. I had so much other things that needed my attention and i didn’t want to write short and uninspired letters, so i did nothing at all. While listening to his new CD, and to some of the other stuff he offers on his site, not only made by him but also by collegues, i feel i have to make a serious effort to undo the damage done. This blogpost is step one. Forty more to follow?
And in case you want to hear more of this kind of music, Some assembly required is the place to go.