Air mail

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

I have a small collection of air ail envelopes. I do no effort to find new ones, but whenever i see one, i take it home. Nowadays almost all shops sell the same things, i rarely find new air mail envelopes anymore. But in Greece our daughter saw this one:

It is definitely ones of the ugliest in my collection, but i am happy that there are still new ones to be discovered.
Here are some other air mail envelopes:

Since my teens, when i started corresponding, i made my own envelopes. I still do this every now and then. When i letter a comic book, i often get pages from a French or Spanish edition as source material. In stead of throwing these pages away afterwards, i turn them into envelopes:

Unfortunately the days of corresponding are almost over. Not many people still write letters, and sending stuff over the mail has become extremely expensive.
Recently i tried to explain our children how it worked, mail, corresponding, sharing stuff over the mail, etcetera. They couldn’t really grasp it. Especially the fact that i bought magazines to find adresses of people with my interests, sothat i could to exchange letters and stuff with them, is difficult to explain to children who grew up with the Internet. Yesterday somebody told me that a 12 year old child was shown a typewriter and it was surprised to see that such a machine existed. “Wow! It is a and a keyboard and a printer in one!”


red bol

2010-08-22 18:08:45

Mijn broertje maakt ooit een prachtige lucht-postzegel: daarop zag je een open raam waardoor iemand een tot brief gevouwen vliegtuigje gooide … geniaal idee