The revenge of the pusherman

Monday, 30 August 2010

I bought this 3CD-box for two euros in a secondhand shop in our neighbourhood:

I have more than half of the 57 songs on these CD’s on vinyl, but the other half is defenitely worth two euro’s and i like to listen to compilations anyway. I have more Blaxploitation compilations, some made before the term “Blaxploitation” existed. I remember very clearly which record made me aware of this music as a genre. That was a 45 by Panderman. I just tried to find it, but i couldn’t. It is not on the CD’s either. I did a Google search, but that gave no results. All i can imagine is that i spell the name wrong, because the record really exists. Not that this is so important, but i wanted to let you hear this song, because it is an important part of the soundtrack of my life. It is one of the songs that made me aware of something that was still completetly out of reach for me at that time. The song was like a portal into a new world. This world is now called Blaxploitaion and is pretty well mapped, but back then it was not and that felt very exciting.
Here DevilIsDope.mp3 is one of the songs on the CD’s that i like best: “The devil is dope” by The Dramatics:


bas trimbach

2010-08-30 22:05:44

Hé Frits,
Heb je iets veranderd aan je site? De laatste tijd duurt het een half uur voordat een pagina geladen is.
Het zou trouwens ook best aan mijn computer kunnen liggen hoor maar het viel me sinds kort op!

bas trimbach

2010-08-31 21:08:46

Sorry, ik denk dat het echt aan mijn computer ligt…