Modern Greek culture

Sunday, 15 August 2010

While on Peloponessos i tried to find some interesting Greek comics, books, records or whatever, but i coudn’t find hardly anything. It seems as if nothing happened in Greece since the fall of the Greek empire, over 2000 years ago. Only in Hafplion there was a souvenir shop that sold postcards with reproductions greek ads from the 50’s and 60’s, published by Kali-Thea. I bought a few:

To find interesting modern Greek music was impossble. All the music i could find sounded like the music that Greek sent to the European Song Contest in the past twenty years. But we met some Greek teenagers and they promised to send me some real cool modern Greek music, so hopefully i can share some of that with you later in this blog.
In a magazine store i bought a double CD with Greek summer hits, because i didn’t want to leave Greece without at least one CD:

You probably don’t want to hear any of the 32 songs on these two CD’s, but you don’t get away from this that easy. I choose “Get that beat” by Sharp Ties, which happened to be on YouTube with quite a number of songs. Including this song that our family enjoyed while crossing the landscape of the Peloponessos: