Marko Rodin

Sunday, 29 August 2010

I am not very good at mathematics, but it helped me that several people wrote books to explain mathematics in a way that i can understand. Recently i read Alex Bellos’ “Getallen ontraadseld”. If you haven’t read that yet and you do have an appetite for mathematics, this is a great book.
Because i don’t know much of mathematics, it takes effort to get a glimpse of what some people are trying to tell the world. A good example are the ideas of Marko Rodin. He is all over the Internet and i had already made several attempts to get through to his ideas, but it hed never wprked. Recently Rob Lesman posted a link on Facebook and this time i did more effort and ended up fascinated. I guess i only understand 5 percent of what he is telling, but that is enough to leave me baffled. Is this true? If so, where are the machines?
On YouTube there are two series of videos worth watching, if you are interested in all this. Here is the first of one series:

And here is the first of the other series: