Made in Greece (part 2)

Monday, 23 August 2010

I made quite a lot of pretty uninteresting drawings too while in was in Greece. That has nothing to do with the heat, the uncomfortable position i was sitting in or with other external circumstances. It is simply a lack of talent and inspiration. Usually the more a drawing shows my comic background, the less i like them. Here is a small selection from my sketchbook:

The reason why i don´t really like these drawings (and of course i only show the best bad drawings) is that they are not original. I have seen similar drawings that were much better. I even made some myself. But i try to finish every drawing that i start, so you also get a lot of stuff like you see here.

The irony is that some people, especially our children, like the uninteresting drawings better than the ones that i like. That is why i show them anyway. Nobody is perfect!
Of course, when i say that i find drawings uninteresting, it doesn´t always mean that are technically that bad. But i will show you some drawings that i do find interesting, to explain what i mean.