Highway to have fun

Friday, 5 January 2007

Six years ago I had a peak experience, that change my view on Life completely. One of the ideas that came with my new viewpoint is that all love songs can be heard and used as teachings about my relation with Life. Some people prefer to call it God, but what’s in a name. Because most pop songs are love songs and because these songs are all around us, everywhere we go, there is always something there remind us of Life’s highest truths. If these songs are not coming out of speakers somewhere, then we hear them in the jukebox we all carry with us in our brain. The highest truths about Life are constantly told to us in the form of the most familiar songs: Love is all, All you need is love, Life is love, etcetera, etcetera. (I write about this idea in The Hall of Records, if you want to read more details about this idea.) Of course, some songs work better than others.
I have one tape with soul songs from the 70’s, with bands The Newcomers, The Limitations and The Dramatics. I named the tape, now also a CD of course, after a song by The Dramatics: “Highway to Heaven”. And it sure is! Many times when I forget the insights, that I consider to be my highest truths, there is a song on the radio or in my head reminding me of them. Open up your heart,
Don’t give up on me now, Love is the answer, Be for real, etcetera.
My brother Rudi, one of the very few who doesn’t think that this idea is a symptom of madness, made a drawing for my favourite All Love Records compilation.