Thursday, 18 January 2007

One of the good things about CD’s is that they are cheap to produce and can be given away free with magazines. The bad things about the CD’s that i get for free with magazines is that the music is usually not my cup of tea.
But life is not without surprises: the CD that came with the first issue of WahWah is very okay. All the music is from Dox Records, which gives the CD coherence that often lacks other free compilations.
The magazine WahWah is a great read for people like me, who lost contact with the mainstream music media a few decades ago. But it is all in Dutch, of course. Therefore i choose to show you one of the illustrations, made by Peter Pontiac.
Dox Records has a nice offer on their site: 50 mp3 tracks for only 14.50 euro. This track, Oriental Wahwah, from the WahWah CD, by Frank Gerritsen, is not in that deal.