Sunday, 21 January 2007

I have some serious difficulties rhyming the concept of a devil with that of an almighty god, but apart from that: I find the idea that songs contain satanic messages, that can only be heard when the songs are played backwards*, fascinating. It raises a lot of questions, that I have never heard being asked in any documentaries on the subject. For example; if there are backwards messages in songs, why not in other texts? Like books, ads, newspapers, documentaries on backward masking? And if the devil can do this trick, then sure god must be able to do it too, and straight forwards?
A few years ago I heard another not very convincing radio show on backward masking and I felt an urge to do a test. If the devil uses heavy metal songs to put his evil information in backwards, then god would probably use the same trick in love songs to get his message trough to people, who cannot hear his words in a straight forward way. I picked a random soul record from the pile, placed it on my record player, put the needle in, and played it backwards. To my utter amazement I clearly heard the word “harmony”. I actually heard “Haaarmooonyyy”, but beyond any reasonable doubt. By playing the same fragment forwards, it turned out to be a reverse of the line “I ain’t no more”. This may not mean very much to you, but to me, at that moment, it was beyond synchronicity. This was an answer to a questioned that haunted me, about life-after-death.
I should have warned you that this was going to be a rather weak story. Because, very un-me, I did not record this revelation and I even forgot what record it was. Later I tried it with several other records, but with no results whatsoever.
To my ears, the examples that people come up with as proof for backward satanic messages in songs, are usually far from convincing, to say the least. It seems to me that the messages are probably in the minds of the people who hear them, in stead of in the songs. But there is one exception. It is not in a heavy metal song, and I don’t see what it is satanic about it, but it is indeed a sort of message. It is in Queens “Another one bites the dust”, and the backward message is “Start to smoke marihuana”. Judge for yourself!