The Museum

Sunday, 28 January 2007

If you visit this blog, there is little chance that don’t know the Internet Museum Of Flexi/Cardboard/Oddity Records yet. But because it would be stupid if you missed it, I mention it anyway.
Unfortunately (I just checked to be sure) the site has not been updated since October 18, 2003. But on the other hand, with a collection like this, there not much to update. Compared to this, my collection is nothing but a load of trash. As some of my best friends have been saying for years, by the way.
The site is maintained by Henry Lowengard, and I guess that he is also the owner of all the stuff he shows here. I have tried to contact him several times, but he didn’t answer the mails. I like his site for many reasons. This is how, in my opinion, everybody with an unique collection (not only records, but everything) should show and share it with the rest of the world. I find it amazing how relatively little people, that own a house full of great material, put it on a website. Most of the collectors that I know don’t even have a site at all.
On the site is also a Hand Record Player. It is 78rpm record(player) that was made as an ad for peanut butter. This Hand Record Player has a different shape than the ones that I have, although it was made decades earlier. I really don’t get it why this gimmick never was a success. These Hand Record Players deserve a museum of their own! Hm, and if you need a curator…