The Dorrenboom Tapes

Wednesday, 3 January 2007

There was something very special about cassette tapes. When they were replaced by CD-r’s, some of this specialness got lost.
I used to trade tapes with many people. To make one-of-one tapes is a lot of work, but i remember it as one of the most pleasant ways to waste time. Not only did i love to fumble around with tape recorders and record players, i also loved to go through my record collection in search of the exact right tracks for the cassette. Making a compilation tape is an art!
Well, it was an art. I rarely make cassette tapes anymore and I receive not much tapes either. But I treasure my cassette collection and I still play tapes. Like the tapes I got from Pieter Dorrenboom:
He send me much more than I can show here, but this gives you an idea of the efforts Pieter put in a cassette. Some of the sleeves are hand painted originals!