Saturday, 10 March 2007

Before the RIAA tried to kill podcasting by suing people who played their favourite music because the RIAA says the current copyright rules do not allow that (don’t get me started me on this!), there were some great podcasts. Like Celebrity Vinyl Heaven, that played just what you might expect from the title. But, although most of the records in this podcast were not even available on CD, it is not allowed (by the RIAA that is; God has not mentioned this issue, as far as I know) to play them in a podcast. The good thing about this absurd copyright regulations (I don’t call it laws, it are nothing but ideas, and not very good ideas either) is that (thanks to people like Adam Curry (whose podcast The Daily Source Code is on top of my feed list)), there is now a Podsafe Music Network, where musicians who are not afraid of podcasting sell their music without the help of the old world music industry.(I’ll stop here, promise!)
The music that is in the Podsafe Music Network is of course just a tiny fragment of all the music that we have in our hearts, heads and record collection. But still there are a few great podsafe music podcasts.
One of my favourites was Avalanche. There are 31 episodes of Avalanche and it seems there will be no more. The guy who made Avalanche lives in Mexico. I cannot remember his name, but he doesn’t mention it in the show anyway. In Avalanche he does something that almost makes my jealous. I have named this blog The soundtrack of my life, but Avalanche is a real soundtrack of a life. If you have never heard Avalanche, please download the 30th episode, Back to the eighties, which is one of the best podcasts on my computer. If you know other podcasts like this, please let me know too.