Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Cassette tapes mean so much more to me than CD’s. Even those crappy no budget label tapes, on which somebody recorded an LP with Hammond Organ medleys with a damaged needle… It breaks my heart to throw them away. And the tapes with the worst music often have the best sleeves, which I collect too. But many cassettes that I found, bought or got otherwise contain better material than Hammond Organ medleys.
Today I recorded some tapes on a CD. Most of these tapes contained found sounds, as they are called. One of my favourite tapes is made by a little girl, who was so smart to write her name on the tape: Martina. There is no date on the tape, but she is singing a few songs that must have been hits at the time she recorded this cassette. The girl was probably somewhere between eight and ten years old and she sings her own interpretations of the hits, but I did recognise You’re the one that I want and Chiciquita. So the tape must be from 1990, I guess.
There are people collecting found sounds and there are even a few CD’s out. Lucas & Friends discover a world of sounds is a great compilation to start with, if you aren’t already familiar with this genre. And if you happen to know other compilations that are on the markey, please clue me in, because these are not CD’s that you can buy at the local music store.
Martina recorded only a few minutes on the tape, but even that is too long for this Soundtrack. I have only 200MB and that means I will have to start taking music off line within a week or so. I am trying to find another place/site where I can publish this Soundtrack, but so far I have not succeeded. So enjoy Martina for as long she is on line!