The Hyenes de Levallois

Thursday, 15 March 2007

Imagine that in stead of about love, 99% of all the songs ever recorded were about monsters. There is a guy ( I think he called himself Mr. Mystereian) who started a website dedicated to records about ghosts, monsters and other occult themes. A great idea, but I just checked it and the last update was long ago. What a pity! There must be an awful lot of records in this genre that I have never heard yet, even though I always buy any monster record that I come across. If it is within my budget, of course.
Today’s feature is a French E.P. by a band called The Hyenes de Levallois. Three songs are okay but nothing special, but there is one song about vampires, and vampires are hors categorie for me. This EP was a private release and the back of the sleeve is white. In a nice handwriting there is a poem written on it, by one of the band mebers, Riri Cording, for a Dutch women named Ghislane:
“Cette musique est infame
Mais telle nést pas mon ame
Pour cette Dutch femme
Toujours vivra ma flamme.”
I’m not 100% sure about the “vivra” in the last line; I cannot read it and my French sucks. But hey, how many love poems are their on your French E.P.’s?! The vampire song is not the best in the genre, but not the worst either. So, let’s Rock du Vampire !



2007-06-28 14:26:20

Salut fan de vcampire.
Je suis Nicola eh finzerbes le soliste des Hyennes tu es un bon pour connaitre ce disque Best Wishes


2007-06-29 14:05:00

Hello Nicola,
Glad to read your reaction. Do you still make music?

Riri Cording

2007-09-15 04:15:52

I am Riri Cording, and I wrote the poem. But I don’t remember who“Ghislane” was. We had so many fans !...