Tom Jones

Monday, 12 March 2007

I am not really into novelty records. There are only a few that keep their flavour after listening to them once or twice. Somehow humour and music do go together very well in my mind. But there are exceptions, like a recording of Tom Jones, which I have on a cassette tape. I have no idea where or when this was recorded. It sounds like a party at somebody’s home.
I am a big fan of the music of Tom Jones, both the music he made in his early days and what he recorded after he was sort of rediscovered a few years ago. I like the power of his voice.
Even in this incoherent version of Help yourself it is his voice that keeps the song together. But oh boy, that trumpet player, what a genius.



2007-08-21 19:44:49

I LOVE this! I’m a huge TJ fan, been one since 1965. Where did you find this???? I would love to know if there are any more like it. How do I save it? Thanks so much!! 8-21-07

frits jonker

2007-08-28 06:59:06

I got it long time ago on a tape from Dana Countryman. It was just this one song. Yep, i too wish there was more of this! And there probably is. Let me know when YOU find it!